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Anyone but me; -really- small Hakuouki fic

Don’t even know if this qualifies as a fic, so small it is. 

Chizuro’s POV. First person. 

Some thoughts when she is first taken to face the Shinsengumi leaders so they could decided her fate. She looks at Hijikata Toshhizou and the courage she has is put to the test.

(Maybe will finish later?)

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tagged: oh god it's really small though. Hijikata has zero time for your bullshit. yes that's my hakuouki tag.
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tagged: my fandoms. ps: this list does not imply they are my favorites in the categories they are listed at. this is also NOT a recommendation list. there are some fandoms here where I hate the source material or parts of it. but still would write about it. this is just a lit of fanfics you may find here or request about.
Come a little closer,

He whispers to you, promising all the things that you do not care to have. You look around you, desperately trying to find someone who will save you, apologize and snatch you away. You don’t want to be rude. Maybe you aren’t a rude person, or maybe your mother will have your head later, maybe he inspires you some sort of pity. No one shows up and you are alone. You can’t escape., did I already tell you that story about…

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Am I done? I think I am done. 

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